Candlemas and Dedication of Windows

Following on from our Lumen Project with the installation of the windows we have over the last couple of weekends moved all the furniture out from the church again this time to have the floor refurbished, sanded down and sealed.

Now it was time for us to have our windows dedicated to God for His use in our mission in this area.

A celebration weekend was planned for Candlemas weekend with an open church on the Saturday afternoon to invite all into see our new windows. Then on the Sunday  we have had not one but two celebrations  at our Sunday morning Service at St Mary’s, Candlemas and Dedication of the windows.

All the plans were put in place, then on the Friday the heavens opened not with rain but this time with snow. A pretty picture of the church and local trees could be seen.

But after Path clearing and fighting through the snow to get the flowers for the church, we were pleased to with the outcome.

The Candle display was design to express the light of the candle and how the white light is refracted into its constituent colours of the rainbow.

To those more observant of you may notice the image if New Zealand on the centre candle, this is in memory of a beloved member of our church family who passed away last year and was meant to have visited her family in New Zealand at this time and they kindly provided the flowers in her memory.

The only way to show what it was like is through pictures.