Candlemas and Dedication of Windows

Following on from our Lumen Project with the installation of the windows we have over the last couple of weekends moved all the furniture out from the church again this time to have the floor refurbished, sanded down and sealed.

Now it was time for us to have our windows dedicated to God for His use in our mission in this area.

A celebration weekend was planned for Candlemas weekend with an open church on the Saturday afternoon to invite all into see our new windows. Then on the Sunday  we have had not one but two celebrations  at our Sunday morning Service at St Mary’s, Candlemas and Dedication of the windows.

All the plans were put in place, then on the Friday the heavens opened not with rain but this time with snow. A pretty picture of the church and local trees could be seen.

But after Path clearing and fighting through the snow to get the flowers for the church, we were pleased to with the outcome.

The Candle display was design to express the light of the candle and how the white light is refracted into its constituent colours of the rainbow.

To those more observant of you may notice the image if New Zealand on the centre candle, this is in memory of a beloved member of our church family who passed away last year and was meant to have visited her family in New Zealand at this time and they kindly provided the flowers in her memory.

The only way to show what it was like is through pictures.

Living Word

Every Wednesday at Living Word there is an opportunity to study the readings for the coming Sunday – but with a difference! What difference does it make to engage with the text imaginatively? Come and find out. We meet from 7:30-8:30.

The first Wednesday of the month is through contemplation and reflective reading and prayer and is at St Paul’s Church.

The second Wednesday is through study using various approaches, the third is through the arts; paintings, music, film etc., the fourth is round a table eating together, discussing over an agape meal at the earlier time of 7:00pm. All take place in St Mary’s Lady Chapel. When there is a fifth Wednesday we study on the move as pilgrims – outside!

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2019 with St. Mary’s.

We have been #followingthestar into the New Year and now it is hear WELCOME.

Back to School after the Holidays and we are hitting the ground running with two events this on Friday 11th January

First come and join us for our Parish Breakfast.07:30 to 10:00.

Keeping fit as a New Year resolution then we have it covered with Fruit and Yogurt. Not to worried then we have that covered to with cereals and pastries. Just want to get back to normal, then Bacon and Sausages will bring you back. If this gives you a pang of guilt, don’t forget you are doing a good thing as all the proceeds go to charity.


This is followed in the afternoon with our first TGI Friday of the year 15:30 to 17:00.

Again Food, Fun, Games, for kids and their Parents.

Come along and Join in.

Christingle Service 9th December 2018

Christingle Service 9th December 2018

What a follow up to our moving back into the Church to have our Christingle Service.

This candle light Service was held after we built our Christingles in the church hall, This year we had round cakes to make a change for the oranges. The warm glow of the candles set the scene in our refurbished surroundings.

Lumen Project Day 91 – The Move Back

Lumen Project Day 91 – The Move Back

It was a great day on Sunday 9th December, what was so special about that day. No special Saints day to celebrate, something better in the eyes of St. Mary’s congregation, it was the Move back into in to the Church building after 3 months of building work.

The work was completed as I have said previously the week before but we needed the time to get the church back in shape. The last post showed some of the members working hard on Monday evening, another session took place on Wednesday during the day, and this gave an opportunity for more members to take part. The jobs included Cleaning returning hymn books, cleaning the floor, vacuuming the carpets and putting back the last of the fittings.

The Sacristans’ were busy preparing the Altar Cloths and cleaning and polishing the alter furnishings. They also had to get prepare everything ready for the procession back at the start of the Sunday Service.

In addition to all this work a team moved in on Saturday to put our Christmas Candle gantries in place in preparation for our Christingle Service on Sunday afternoon, more of that in another posting.

Sunday arrived and we met in the hall as we have since the 10th September, the difference this time was we formed up with all we needed for the service and processed from our temporary home back into the Church proper. It was quite a moving time and we arrived to a bare Altar and dressed it again.

It was a good Service and Mary our organist played for us on our retuned organ.

It was good to be back.

I have tried to show you more what the church looks like now all the scaffolding has been removed and the rain has stopped so a few more photos of the outside of the Church. Also how pleased we are to get back in the main building.

This is not the end of the story. The work does not stop here we have the Soffits and Bargeboards to finish the outside and the floor to be sanded and sealed to finish the inside.

Advent Sunday and a whole lot more

Advent Sunday and a whole lot more

Hopefully our last Sunday Service in the Church hall we went out with a bang.

First Sunday in Advent ( 2 Dec 2018) so we lit the first candle on our Advent Ring, This one is for the Patriarchs.

Steve Sakakini gave us a sermon on moving forward with the help of Holly and Ava who were Baptised on Saturday 1st December and brought their Mum and Dad with them.

We then went on to have our Posada Figures of Mary Joseph and the Donkey blessed as they started their journey around Tadley and area before returning to St. Mary’s on Christmas eve,  for our crib service where,  we welcome them on the holy night.

Also blessed were some on the Angels that have been produced by people of Tadley and with the other Churches Together Around Tadley (CTAT) and will take flight around the Town on the lead up to Christmas spreading the message of Christ’s coming.

So a full morning please see some of the pictures of this celebration.

An opportunity for reflection during Advent

Draw aside during Advent to reflect on the Scripture readings for the week ahead. Each week has a specific focus: week 1 – contemplation, week 2 – study, week 3 – the arts, and week 4 – food. Please call 0118 9321 for more information.

Please note that due to continuing work at St. Mary’s the second week of the course will be held at St. Peter’s Church, Church Road Tadley.  Then we should continue as planned.