Imaging the Story: a course in the arts

Have you heard a good story lately? Maybe it was told to you by a neighbour or through a film script or at the school gate. I wonder which aspect of it drew you in and made you want to know more? How did the plot unfold, and did you begin to identify with a certain character?

We would be hard pressed to find a story with as many different aspects than the big story of God; there’e no shortage of suspense – what will happen to Daniel if he decides not to bow down to a statue as he’s ordered? There are tales of love and longing, of sacrifice and betrayal, murder and more …

There are so many ways to experience this story beyond reading; a sole actor on stage who memorises it and brings it to life, epic blockbuster films and children’s cartoons.  There are as many ways to tell this story as there are art forms! 

One approach to retelling this story through the art of making. I don’t mean illustrating but discovering something while making. For example, we might tap into a new way of knowing God if we think about a part of the story with a piece of clay in our hand. We make something of the story – quite literally – and may be surprised that something fresh opens up for us as we return to the text which we may understand a slightly different and richer way.

Imaging the Story is a course that invites us to be creative, not quite like God who creates from  nothing, but creating with the raw materials of creation. It is practical, reflective, fun and a good deal (just 5 per session)! What’s more, for the £50 course fee you get a copy of the full colour book, Imaging the Story , (co-authored by Rev Gill Sakakini), tuition from practising artists, refreshments, and all the materials required. 

The course kicks off in May and is hosted by St Mary’s Church on Monday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm. So check out the website and register to secure your place, then come along and give yourself permission to create in wood, film, metal, poetry, movement, prose, paint, clay, wool, games, music, fabric, vegetables, bread? Yes, really, all of those and more!

To find out more about this course, contact Rev’d Gill Sakakini, 01183 279321

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A review

Imaging the Story presents a window of opportunity in the busyness of life to stop, listen to, discuss and reflect upon different aspects of the biblical narrative. Exciting possibilities for personal and corporate responses unfold as examples of biblically inspired literature, poetry and art are considered. 

There is a  practical element to each session which is focussed, yet relaxed and great fun, providing an opportunity to explore words, objects and art materials in a prayerful way and then to use them creatively in response to a given theme. The culmination of this motivational and inspiring course is a rich and diverse exhibition of students work.

Imaging the Story definitely encourages individuals and groups alike, to move with a more considered and creative mindset,  in seeking to prayerfully interpret and express the truths of God’s word. This has the potential to affect and enrich one’s personal faith journey and that of small groups and our church communities. The exciting prospect of Christians expressing the Gospel in creatively diverse and engaging ways is the impact that this could have in our wider communities!