Posada a Description

Posada is a Spanish word meaning “inn” and it is a re-enactment of the search by Jesus’ two parents, Joseph and Mary for lodging prior to Jesus’ birth.
It is a chance for us to have Mary and Joseph and their donkey in our homes in the run up to 25 December, to help us remember the real meaning of Christmas – the special birth of Jesus.
During Advent Mary and Joseph ‘travel round’ the parish, visiting a different family or place every night. The overnight stay provides a great opportunity to reflect upon the true meaning of advent.
For the evening you ‘host’ Mary & Joseph you can choose to do what ever you like. Why not invite friends and family to sing carols and to talk about the meaning of Christmas?
How can you take part?
If you wish to take part, all you need to do is complete the tear off sheet attached and return it to or contact Julie Dollin with a preferred date if that is important, for a night that will suit you to ‘host’ Mary & Joseph. Another person from our community will make arrangements to bring the figures to your place at a time to suit both of you.
The next day you need to take Mary & Joseph to the next host on the Journey Rota. You will be given the relevant information when you are given the figures. We shall include ideas for games, activity ideas and prayers you can use during your hosting evening.
Join us to celebrate the birth of Jesus at our Nativity Service on Christmas Eve.