Lumen Project Day 57 – A disappointing week

Hello Again.

We have had a disappointing week.

The plastering has been completed and we are awaiting the Glass firm to come and fit the windows.  We were told last week that they would be here on Monday. Monday came and no sign of the widow people. So phone calls continued and apparently, there has been a visit to the glass manufacturers and they are working on the frames, and HOPE to start fitting on Wednesday, we wait with bated breath. The other news was that they will not start making the glass until they have taken another set of measurements after the frames have gone in, and that is estimated as a four day job.

We are adjusting our expectations now, but still hoping for a beginning of December return to the church for services and the other jobs will have to be postponed until next year.

I will sign this as Frustrated of St. Mary’s. But Will keep Looking in, Looking Up and hopefully soon to be Looking Out.