Lumen Project Day 7 – First Sunday Service

Lumen Project   – Day 7

Our first Sunday in the hall! This is a new experience for us. Gill and her workers have done a great job on making the hall look more like a worship centre than a brick faced utility hall. Mary has dusted off the piano and is now getting to terms with the upright.

Congregation arrived and seem very pleased with the way things look. Perhaps the chairs are not the most comfortable, but no one fell asleep during Gills inspiring sermon.

A few teething issues, not problems but those will be ironed out in the weeks to come.

We seem happy here for the time being but I am sure that we all look forward to when we can get back into the main building.  If you would like to come and join us at one of our services they are every Sunday and Wednesday at 10:30 am while we are in the hall.

We are Looking In , Looking Up and Looking Out with this new Project.