28 Feb 2021 – Leaving Service

Dear friends at St Mary’s,
It’s hard to believe that this day has come and that today’s service is the final one for Steve and I before we move to Shepton Mallet in the coming week. It has been so lovely to share conversations with many of you this week, to be reminded of things from almost 3 years ago which seem much further in the past because of the pandemic year.

We’ll gather some threads together in our worship and celebrate and give thanks for God’s steadfast keeping and hopeful future. It is at least a consolation to be moving knowing that vaccines are plentiful, restrictions will lift before long, and that the spring is coming and the way is opening up for us. For some there are many challenges still and I know you’ll continue to care for each other well and be bold in seeking out the lonesome and struggling in our church family and beyond.

It has been a privilege to serve here at St Mary’s and we’ll miss you very much. We’ve been shaped by your faith, your love and care, your interests, and stories and we look forward to hearing how God continues to build this community through you because each one of you has a significant part to play.

With all love and prayers,
Gill and Steve

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