Lumen Project Day 43 – 4 Weeks to go

Lumen Project Day 43 – 4 weeks to go

Not a lot to report this week, there does not seem to have been much change.

Work has progressed with more plaster being put on to cover the brick work and this had to dry before the finishing render could be applied. It looks very close to the original colour of our finish, but time will tell when it has chance to dry out properly.

Talking to the builders they are hoping for the windows to arrive soon, so are we as the weather is beginning to become more autumnal and frost is forecast for next weekend.

Only four weeks to the completion date let’s hope we are going to make it. Baptism  booked for 2nd December and it is the start of Advent and a New Church Year.

We are now not only looking in, but now Looking up, and hopefully by December , looking out.