Lumen Project Day 64 – The Frames have arrived

Lumen Project Day 64 – The Frames have arrived.

What a wonderful moment it was last week when the van arrived and the metal work for the window frames was unloaded and moved into the church.  Work then progressed on the fabrication of the window frames.

Friday came and the frames were fitted in the North and South Sanctuary windows.  What a difference it has made to see something filling the great big holes that have dominated the church for the last few weeks.

The wind is still getting in and the drafts in the church have not yet rebated, but visually they look good.

A hick up was noted on the frame for the East window but following a site meeting on Monday this was resolved and work resumed on the large East window frame. It has yet to be raised into position.

We now have to wait until next week when we are promised the Glass will appear. What a day that will be.

We now look in, look up and look out through unglazed window frames, but that is a steep in the right direction.