Lumen Project Day 71- The last day, or so we thought.

Lumen Project  Day  71 – The last day, or so we thought.


We hoped that we would be celebrating the completion of the project today, but no such luck the work continues. We guessed that this would happen and had planned for an over run in what we had scheduled for the next few weeks.

We had some news from the flooring contractors to say that they need a few weeks for the humidity in the church to return to normal before they are prepared to sand, seal and coat the parquet flooring. This comment was also made by the Organ tuners so we are now hopping the windows will be installed as soon as possible.

Well down to the windows A check this morning showed that All the frames are in place and the sanctuary South window not only has a completed frame, (but friends, sit down), two panes of glass have been fitted. A verbal quote from one of the builders was “we cannot wait to get the windows in the Church is very cold at the moment”. The conditioning is working fine at present!

We have been told that the other panes of glass are due to arrive in the next day or so and all is ready for them to be fitted.  Some of the original panes arrives being too small (manufacturing fault I have been assured).  If this week goes to plan (I am sure it will !!!!) we may be able to turn the heating back on to dry the church out and allow things to get to normal. As normal as St. Mary’s can ever be.

We are now hoping to get all back in place for a Baptism on Dec 1st. Now there is a challenge.

We have been Looking in at ourselves and Looking up to God, now we are starting to our Looking Out into the wider community.