Lumen Project Day 78 – One week overdue

Lumen Project Day 78 – One week overdue

last week when we had only two panes of glass fitted at the start of the week, with a promise that all would be well by Friday.   By Thursday we had the sanctuary windows completed and the big East window had the lower five panes of glass fitted.  Well they should have delivered the last panes today but they will arrive tomorrow, we were told. Friday came with “they are delivering today and we will stay late to get them in”. Some areas of plaster were not drying well and even the filler around the frames was not going off.  The heating needed to go on. Guess what by 3.30pm no glass.  I can hear you say “what did you expect”, our hopes were misplaced perhaps, but we were every optimistic. The floor was being swept and washed by the contractors and the sanctuary carpet cleaned.

Discussions took place and it was agreed that the builders would fit some tarpaulin across the open areas and batten it down to make as weather proof as possible and we would put the church heating on.  This was done and the church seemed very warm on Sunday when we had a look round. Floor was dry and some of the plaster was drying out too.

Monday morning arrived and so did one of the contractors he was filling around the big window and making good, followed by repainting the whole wall.  Other jobs were lined up.

Monday Café was in full swing when it was announced that the Glass company van arrived.  What a big cheer went up from all those present you would have thought The Queen or at least a Bishop had arrived.   Yes the glass had arrived. Now all that needs to be done was the fitting.

A visit to the Church at 5pm to remove the plastic protective sheet from the organ showed that only Two of the remaining 5 panes had been fitted we continue to wait and see what goes on.