Lumen Project Day 91 – The Move Back

Lumen Project Day 91 – The Move Back

It was a great day on Sunday 9th December, what was so special about that day. No special Saints day to celebrate, something better in the eyes of St. Mary’s congregation, it was the Move back into in to the Church building after 3 months of building work.

The work was completed as I have said previously the week before but we needed the time to get the church back in shape. The last post showed some of the members working hard on Monday evening, another session took place on Wednesday during the day, and this gave an opportunity for more members to take part. The jobs included Cleaning returning hymn books, cleaning the floor, vacuuming the carpets and putting back the last of the fittings.

The Sacristans’ were busy preparing the Altar Cloths and cleaning and polishing the alter furnishings. They also had to get prepare everything ready for the procession back at the start of the Sunday Service.

In addition to all this work a team moved in on Saturday to put our Christmas Candle gantries in place in preparation for our Christingle Service on Sunday afternoon, more of that in another posting.

Sunday arrived and we met in the hall as we have since the 10th September, the difference this time was we formed up with all we needed for the service and processed from our temporary home back into the Church proper. It was quite a moving time and we arrived to a bare Altar and dressed it again.

It was a good Service and Mary our organist played for us on our retuned organ.

It was good to be back.

I have tried to show you more what the church looks like now all the scaffolding has been removed and the rain has stopped so a few more photos of the outside of the Church. Also how pleased we are to get back in the main building.

This is not the end of the story. The work does not stop here we have the Soffits and Bargeboards to finish the outside and the floor to be sanded and sealed to finish the inside.

Lest We Forget

We have had some fun times with our Pumpkin Carving over the last few days and we are busy with Project Lumen the replacement of our windows.

But we must not forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can do these things. We have joined with the other Churches in Tadley and have a Soldier Silhouette at our Church this week to show,

LUMEN: looking in, looking up, looking out

LUMEN: looking in, looking up, looking out


Hello all, we want to tell you about some exciting changes happening at St Mary’s, Tadley!

You will notice some building work on the windows of the Church; the existing concrete uprights to the windows are breaking up and have to be replaced. This work is being carried out over the next 10-12 weeks. We are renewing all the main windows with new double glazed units which should reduce heat loss and running costs.

The good news is – regular worship continues as normal at 10:30 am, only in the Church Hall. But please note the time change for the mid-week Wednesday Eucharist service which will be at 10:30, not 10 am, allowing the weekly coffee time to run as normal.

Changes to the built environment give us an opportunity to think about the shape of life together as church with fresh eyes, so we’re calling this project “LUMEN” because windows let light flow in and out; a ‘luminous flux’ in all directions – in, up and out.

Looking in – we’re looking in at ourselves, turning our gaze inward to our spiritual life together and alone.

Looking up – we’re lifting our heads, asking God to reveal more of himself to us so we grow ever more like Jesus.

Looking out – we’re casting our eyes out, around, and beyond to see what God is doing in our community and how we may join him.

Please come and join us in this time as we move forward in Tadley and watch this space to see how the work is progressing.

Gill Sakakini Ordained as Deacon 1st July 2018

Gill Sakakini was ordained as a Deacon at Winchester Cathedral

Today 1st July 2018 Gill Sakakini was ordained as a Deacon at Winchester Cathedral.

She takes up her post as Associate Curate in the Benefice of Tadley and Pamber Heath with Silchester, She will be based at St. Mary’s, Church Tadley.

We welcome her and her husband to the Benefice and in particular to our Parish.